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Another new beginning…

Again I sit before the computer screen, writing again that we are starting a new beginning. It has been a long time coming.

Although we all never really stopped… Things have slowed, people have changed, grown apart and all up, things have become different.

But now is a time where we want to come back together and be better than ever before! 

We have to take a step back to see the world before us.
We must remember what is important to us and do what we love.

Have fun.
Have friends.
Have each other.

Here is where it all begins.

*Insert inspirational sunrise picture here*

So… It has come to this… Team Tuffcore vs WTAC!

Team Tuffcore Invades WTAC.

8:00am Wednesday 8th August 2012
I wander around a cold bedroom collecting the final bits and pieces I wish to take to Eastern Creek…
DSLR camera, video camera, tripod, clothes, toothbrush…
The plan is to be on the road between 9am and 10am, getting us to our first nights’ accommodation at Wentworthville by about approx 8pm.

That was the plan anyway. But even the best laid plans have their set backs…

2:00am Thursday 9th August 2012
After a looooooong drive up the Hume Freeway, we arrive at Wentworthville Formule 1 Hotel. 

Things never turn out they way you plan and the weekend at Eastern Creek for WTAC was no different.
But despite all the set backs, Team Tuffcore were there for a good time, not a long time, so we all made the best of what we had and definitely made it a weekend to remember!

With Mikey manning the Gripshiftslide trade stand and Nick wandering around pretending to look like a photographer…. I give you the result!
The reason you came to our page…. Photos!! 

There were so many amazing cars on display, it was so hard to pick the photos to appear here!
Anyway…. Here we go!

Gripshiftslide stand

The Gripshiftslide stand in conjunction with Martini Racing!
Mikey manned this stall like a boss all weekend!

Empty Garage

The beginning of what was to come. A peaceful image of what would later become a chaotic buzz of cars, mechanics and world class drivers battling for the top spot.

Big Red Racing

The reason I got my butt to WTAC. The Adam Newton in his Big Red Racing R32 GTST built by RacePace motorsport!


Some behind the scenes of Big Red just after a run out on the track!


Some very clean looking cars where there to lay down some quick times. Including this RX7. Mmmmmmm Matte Black….

Lexus Matte

And even more Matte goodness! Many say that the Matte look is out of fashion… But I disagree…….

Lexus Engine 

Especially when this is what you’re sporting under the hood……


For some reason this Evo really caught my eye…. Simple, yet boss.

Clean is the only word I have for it…

Another car that I only have one word for was the Nitto Yellow R34 GTR…..
Sexy….. That’s all I can say.

Now me being more of a drift nut…. I chose to shoot more drift cars!

Ok… you’ve put up with my lame captions long enough….

Possibly the best looking drift car paint?

Just for Manny!!

Tony putting in some hard yards!

Oh Mad Mike…. You so mad! :D

And I leave you with a shot of some epic historic machines……

Keep your eyes locked on this page as in only 2 months, Tuffcore invades Japan!!!

World Time….. ATTACK!!

So after many hours….. Team Tuffcore has arrived at WTAC!
Mikey cruised on up mid morning on Wednesday yet Nick was with Andrew Collins checking on the the final progress of Big Red!
Arriving in the hotel at about 2:30am!

But we can’t let that dampen our spirits as there is 2 days of all out action on the track here at Eastern Creek raceway!

If you’re up here make sure you head over to say hi to Mikey at the GripShiftSlide stand and get out your wallets to purchase some sweet merch!!!
Do it!!

But stay tuned over the weekend for updates and photos from trackside!


So Slack!

Hey everyone out there in the interwebz land!

As you can see we have been a little slack in the update of this page!
It’s been a pretty hectic couple of months with practice days and even GKTECH Round 2, with a few ups and plenty of downs…
But you come here to read an see what’s going down in our world so here we go! 

What have we been up to you may ask??

Well we have been spinning spanners and getting greasy as best we can after Nick’s R32’s engine let go at May practice day!
On opening the engine it was discovered that number 6 piston decided to melt a little and make friends with the block!
Look closely! 
Look closely……

And it was only 1 week out of GKTECH Round 2 when Nick decided he would enter and see if he could get the R32 going again!
In true Tuffcore fashion, frantic engine removal ensued, and of course to make things interesting, it was decided to go a slapped together RB25/30 for ALL THE TORQUES!!

Grindy Grindy 
If it don’t fit……. Modify till it does!

Then the night before GKTECH came and all seemed to be going well!…. That was until a short test run before loading onto the trailer discovered that there was no power to be had!
After spending many hours all the way up to midnight trying to fix what is thought to be a timing issue, the call was made to ditch the idea of taking the R32 to GKTECH Rnd 2.

Not one to miss out on some skids, we decided to load up the almost stock as a rock S14 sitting in the driveway to compete in.
Having already done a Calder practice day in the S14 and knowing that it handled like soggy spaghetti…. This was going to be quite a challenge!!

The car drifted… Just…. and Nick’s one good run of the day landed him a qualifying spot of 23rd out of 36.


And the next surprise came when the Top 32 battle list came out…. First draw….. Nigel Petrie from Engineered to Slide!!

Although being eliminated in the first round of battles, Nick gave it his best and pushed harder than he ever had before.
Which as an experience, proved to be not that bad of a day.

Unfortunately Mikey’s 180sx is still not running correctly and will be going back into the shed very soon to fix it so he can get back out on the track again!


Next up comes some sweet updates for Dale’s Sil80!!

Very recently Dale’s Sil80 has undergone some pretty sweet improvements!
dale has installed some new JDI Modified Knuckles and rack spacers for some heavy duty improvements to steering lock!

With the next practice day less than two weeks away, he is very keen to get out there and test out his new found angle!

So stay tuned for more updates coming really soon including Team Tuffcore checking out World Time Attack Challenge and also the days are counting down to “Team Tuffcore Invades Japan”!

The wait is over….

It has been a long few months for Mikey and Nick from Team Tuffcore, working tirelessly in the shed on the Tuffcore 180sx and r32 we saw in previous posts.

However they are now finished and myself and Aaron from over at got the chance to photograph them before they got unleashed into the wild.

So here they are!



So there they are! Stay tuned for pictures of them in action at Winton Drift Matsuri after the weekend!


Just a quick line as the end is drawing near…

With Matsuri only days away, the Team Tuffcore Drift cars are entering the final stages of their intensive transformation.

It has been many months of late nights and sometimes a lot of frustration. But we know the feeling we will have when we stand before the finished product will be all worth it.

I would like to say that they will be finished, but we all know that’s not true…
When modifying, there is no finish… Only bigger horizons…

The cars will be revealed at Matsuri this weekend so if you are coming up to winton, keep an eye out for us…


The Next Level….

Prog·ress   [n. prog-res, -ruhs or, especially Brit., proh-gres; v. pruh-gres]

- The development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level.

Just one word to describe the situation at which two drivers currently find themselves in.

February 11th 2012 - 2 weeks to Matsuri
Tuffcore Garage

What looks to be a regular old weatherboard house lies in darkness.

Unbeknown to passers by, behind one too many gates, is the workshop of Team Tuffcore.

One look at this place would show an unorganised, shit everywhere kind of shed… But look a little closer and you will find many a treasure.

The first glimpse as you approach is a 180sx, with SR20DET, low mounted GT2860RS, full stripped white interior with bolt in half cage, 5 stud conversion, on jack stands with two legs sticking out from under the passenger side of the car.

180sx Shed

As you get closer you see further into the shed and there sits an R32, closer to the ground than a ducks ass, with RB25DET, high mounted TD06SL2, External gate, again full stripped white interior and bolt in full cage, with a pair of legs upside down, head under the dash, in the passenger seat.

R32 Engine Bay

On any given night, this is where you will find the boys from Team Tuffcore….


It has been a short, yet exciting entry into the world of drifting for the drivers of Team Tuffcore.

Few would believe that only just under a year ago, two guys from Team Tuffcore set their sights on creating a formidable drift team.

Onevia Drift

It all started with the purchase of a rather beat up and sad example of an S13 Silvia.

Missing all the front end, mismatched other panels and with an unknown condition SR20DE engine, this car needed some work to say the least.

Work began on collecting parts from all around and slapping together what eventually became easily recognisable as the Team Tuffcore Onevia with its “textured” white paint and sticker bombed roof.

Onevia Drift

Although under powered, it was a competent slider shared between Mikey and Nick as a steep learning curve into the world of drifting.

Things didn’t always go right and many frantic parts changing between sessions occurred occasionally.

Although when things did go right, it just added fuel to the fire.

Onevia Winton

After a number of drift days and the addition of an R32 to the mix, the team solidified itself as a well known presence in the local drift scene.

R32 Winton 

Whether you saw them as a serious team or just some fools who dress alike for fun, people started to know the name Tuffcore.

Support was growing with each drift day and it seemed that more and more people were flying the Tuffcore banner!

Josh S14 Winton

After a number of drift days the cars were a little banged up and were again in need of some cleaning up….

With a strong belief in ‘Built not bought’, they then decided to pull both cars off the track for some extensive changes.

It was at this time that a slightly damaged 180sx became available at the right price, so it was purchased and the Onevia was passed on to the next budding member of the drift team.

Many a late night have gone into both cars and progress is the word of the month. 

Painting R32

With a diet of energy drinks, cider and subway cookies, both Team Tuffcore Drift cars are nearing completion and are on track for their re-debut at Winton Summer Matsuri in just a week and half’s time.

Let’s get a little more acquainted with the cars.

TUFFCORE R32 - Nick Bennett - Owner/Driver

Although still in progress and not completed yet, we would like to introduce you to the Tuffcore 32. It’s my whip, ride, skidder, drift slut… Whatever the cool kids are calling them these days!

R32 Drift

So… The obligatory spec list… 

1993 Nissan Skyline R32 Type M
RB25DET Series 1
RB25 Gearbox
Kinugawa TD06-SL2
Kinugawa Braided turbo lines
Hybrid NZ high mount manifold
Hybrid NZ external wastewate with Tuffcore Screamer
3” Turbo back exhaust
Yellow Jacket Super Spark Coilpacks
Custom front mount intercooler setup
Tuffcore custom front tubs
Vulture Motorsport Oil cooler and relocation kit
Custom power steering cooler
BC BR Coilovers
GKTech Castor Arms
Tuffcore Lengthened LCA’s
Tuffcore Lengthened Tie Rods
Driftworks offset lock spacers
GKTech Steering spacers
JDI modified knuckles
Solid Subframe Risers
HICAS removed plus Lock kit
Tuffcore “special” 4.3 diff (re: welded!)
Bosch 040 Fuel pump
Tuffcore modified handbrake
Tuffcore gear lever extension
Tuffcore gear knob
Bride style fixed back seat
Drift brand 3” 5 point harness
Nardi deep corn style steering wheel
Full bolt in roll cage
Relocated battery
HEL Braided brake lines
Tuffcore Custom ‘Nismo Style’ Power Brace
50mm alloy radiator with twin thermos
All interior sound deadening removed
Air con and heater removed
Lenso D1R Wheels - 17x9 and 17x10
Lipped and flared front and rear guards
GTR Vented FRP bonnet

Built not bought. It’s just how we roll.

R32 Empty Engine Bay

It has not been smooth sailing for quite a lot of this build although in reality it has come together relatively quickly.

First up was the first incarnation of the sled….

First pics of R32

Originally purchased as a car for streeting while the Tuffcore Onevia was Mikey and my track dedicated skidder. After a few drift days at Winton in the Onevia, I decided that it was time to take the 32 onto the track and see how she’d do.

She was a pretty capable streeter and I felt that she needed to stretch her legs on the open track.

With a 4.3 Tuffcore welded diff in the back, her legs were just as short as mine and found that the usual 2nd gear skids were much too slow and 3rd gear was where it was at.

Due to the paint being average, Mikey and I decided that we’d try to go all Team Burst and skid as close as possible, usually ending a ‘light’ bump here and there.

After a couple of drift days, (and an embankment while streeting) she started to look more like a drift missile than a street car.


The time had come to clean her up a little and the ideas started flying around about what engine and mods to do…. The engine choices ranged from SR20 to 2JZ but at the right time, an RB25 engine came up at the right price.

And so it began….

She was stripped to the point where it was almost unrecognisable as a car and that’s where the fun started!!


Putting in the hard yards on the sound deadening…

Stripped Sound Deadening

After doing a full major service on the RB25, it was dropped into place.

Nice and smooth without too much hassle.

Engine in R32

Currently we are prepping for it’s new paint scheme!

We are on our way!

Sanding R32

More details and pictures to come when paint gets laid on!

Details and pictures of 180sx build coming soon!

Mikey has advised me that it is powered by beards…. Yup… I think they might even be wizard beards….

A BIG Thank you to everyone that has helped support in the building of the two cars and also to those that take photos and promote Team Tuffcore.

Your help will never be forgotten.

If you have a chance to come up to Winton and see us rolling around, please feel free to come up and say hi!

We are friendly, wear the right size shirts and won’t bite….. Unless you ask!

Team Tuffcore Official Drift Cars Build….

So a lot of you may have seen the cars during their current build but some of you may not have….. This is going to be the first of many posts describing the trouble and torture we have suffered (or enjoyed ;p) over the past few months….

If you have been to Winton late last year you may have seen the growing number of Tuffcore supporters on and off the track. Firstly… THANK YOU!!
It’s great that something that started so simple between a couple of mates has quickly evolved into a much larger group of like minded people.
We consider you all our closest friends and appreciate all the support!

Mikey hanging out the laundry...

With that in mind you may have seen both Mikey and myself in the two Team Tuffcore Drift Cars. If so, you surely would have seen us dressed alike in our shirt and ties to show that we mean ‘biznaaassss’!! Haha
We are there for fun and to thrash hard… Hater’s gonna hate… and with the latest addition to the Team Tuffcore R32… Gater’s gonna gate!

Lots of stuff has happened since our last appearance at Winton, namingly the original Team Tuffcore Onevia (pictured above) has moved onto a new owner, Phil Gearing!
We hope that it provides as much fun to him as it did to us. Look out for him hitting the track very soon!

So watch this space over the next few days for new updates and a shit ton of photos of the builds!



Welcome to the beginning….. of the awesome end.

Team Tuffcore

Good day and welcome errrbody!

This is the location of the new Team Tuffcore Blog!

Here you will find whats going down in Tuffcore’s world and the crazy things we do.
Come visit us often for the latest details about where we are and what we are doing!

Upcoming Events that Team Tuffcore with be at!

26 Jan - Team Tuffcore 1st Annual Scavenger Hunt

25-26 Feb - Drift Matsuri Winton Raceway

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Gripshiftslide - Nuff said really….

Stiff Diff - Wouldnt we all like a Stiff Diff….. mmmmmm

Team Tuffcore’s Offical Photographer Jason Robson

Stay Tuned for more posts including a whole lot of pics of the Team Tuffcore Drift Car builds…..

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